Monday, 18 June 2012


I totally fell of the wagon for a few days (diet AND exercise!) but the important thing is that I am back on it. Today is day 2. Yesterday I was 100% on my diet, and walked about 6 miles up hill. Today I am doing well so far on my diet, and just as soon as the delivery arrives that I am waiting for, I will be out of the door and off to the zoo with my three little sproglets.

The zoo is a great place to get exercise without even really realizing it - You spend all day walking up and down hills, but you hardly notice, as you get to see all the cutie animals on the way around. The kids all really enjoy this as a day out so it's perfect for me when I can't get hubby to watch the girls at all. He's away at conference until Friday so I won't get the chance to go on any evening walks this week. I'll have to be more active than usual with the girls in the day to make up for it.

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