Monday, 18 June 2012


I totally fell of the wagon for a few days (diet AND exercise!) but the important thing is that I am back on it. Today is day 2. Yesterday I was 100% on my diet, and walked about 6 miles up hill. Today I am doing well so far on my diet, and just as soon as the delivery arrives that I am waiting for, I will be out of the door and off to the zoo with my three little sproglets.

The zoo is a great place to get exercise without even really realizing it - You spend all day walking up and down hills, but you hardly notice, as you get to see all the cutie animals on the way around. The kids all really enjoy this as a day out so it's perfect for me when I can't get hubby to watch the girls at all. He's away at conference until Friday so I won't get the chance to go on any evening walks this week. I'll have to be more active than usual with the girls in the day to make up for it.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Juneathon update #004

Hurrah! I am finally feeling a little more normal, although I still get swelling and pain if I overdo things. So I'm still listening to my body and playing it by ear. (To bring new readers up to speed, I had an operation on 26th May, which I am still recovering from. While I am unable to join in with Juneathon by running every day, I am using it as an opportunity to monitor my activity, to ensure that I don't become a total couch potato while I recover.)

Today I have done the warm up from Kirsty Gallacher's Body Sculpt DVD and 10 minutes of Step Basics on Wii Fit. It's not a great deal and, to be honest, I could have done more.

I am hoping for good weather tomorrow as I'm planning on walking the 2 miles to church (and 2 miles back afterward). The weather would simply make this walk more pleasant - I still intend to walk if it's windy or raining. If you wait for the right conditions here, you will never get anything done...

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Juneathon update #003

Yesterday I went for a long walk in the countryside. It was a beautiful day and the children loved it. It took me over an hour, but I only covered 2 miles so it was a nice gentle pace. Today I feel quite sore but I'm determined to get some activity into my day. Even if it is just a few goes on the Wii Step basics. I refuse to let a single day go by where I am sat on my ass from dawn to dusk.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Juneathon update #002

So, I think I may have overdone things slightly. I've started to feel a lot of swelling and pain at the incision site of my operation. I said that I would listen to my body, and as such I haven't been as  active today or yesterday as I was on day 1.

I've managed 5 sets of 20laps very gently walking around the garden, and 5 sets of 10 minutes punching the air, just to keep a little bit active. I'm disapointed that I haven't managed to keep up the level of activity that I managed on day 1 of Juneathon but I must listen to my body. My hubby would be so unimpressed if I injured myself or jeopardized my healing. Really, I must listen to both my husband and my body. I want to get up and be active, but I will only do myself more harm than good if I am not sensible with it. Good things come to those who wait, I guess...

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Juneathon update #01

I am joining in with the Juneathon to help me keep track of my activity while I recover from medical surgery. I am not allowed to run for 8 - 10 weeks, and I really don't want my fitness to decline massively while I wait to be able to. Heavy lifting is also banned. I've decided to listen most to my body, and go from  there. Total inactivity is an absolute NON-option.

Yesterday I did 5 sets of 'step aerobics' on the Wii Fit spread out through the day, I used the warm up from Kirsty Gallacher's body sculpt DVD and completed 4 sets of 5 laps gently walking around my back garden and 3 sets of 20 minutes punching the air. I realize this sounds like hardly anything, but my operation was 6 days ago and pushing myself now won't achieve anything for my health in the long run.

I'm feeling a little more normal today so I've increased by sets of laps around to garden to sets of 10, though I'm still quite sore. I'm just going to keep on listening to my body and playing it by ear. As long as I'm not doing nothing, I'm doing something.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Juneathon? Count me in!

I've just learned about a little thing called, 'Juneathon'. The idea is that you run daily and blog about each run within 24 hours. Interested?

I can't participate with running as I am recovering from surgery, but I have signed up anyway. I plan to use Juneathon as an opportunity to set some small goals and to help ensure that I am keeping active while getting back on my feet.

"Are you hardcore enough to run and blog every day this month?" Sign up, and leave a comment below so that I can follow your Juneathon blog entries.