Friday, 1 June 2012

Juneathon? Count me in!

I've just learned about a little thing called, 'Juneathon'. The idea is that you run daily and blog about each run within 24 hours. Interested?

I can't participate with running as I am recovering from surgery, but I have signed up anyway. I plan to use Juneathon as an opportunity to set some small goals and to help ensure that I am keeping active while getting back on my feet.

"Are you hardcore enough to run and blog every day this month?" Sign up, and leave a comment below so that I can follow your Juneathon blog entries.


  1. Just wondering where you sign up for the Juneathon. I know i'm late, but rather late then never.

    1. Click the link in this post ("Interested?"). On the left hand side of that page is a menu. Click 'Enter here' and follow the instructions :) Good on you for signing up - better late than never!