Monday, 4 June 2012

Juneathon update #002

So, I think I may have overdone things slightly. I've started to feel a lot of swelling and pain at the incision site of my operation. I said that I would listen to my body, and as such I haven't been as  active today or yesterday as I was on day 1.

I've managed 5 sets of 20laps very gently walking around the garden, and 5 sets of 10 minutes punching the air, just to keep a little bit active. I'm disapointed that I haven't managed to keep up the level of activity that I managed on day 1 of Juneathon but I must listen to my body. My hubby would be so unimpressed if I injured myself or jeopardized my healing. Really, I must listen to both my husband and my body. I want to get up and be active, but I will only do myself more harm than good if I am not sensible with it. Good things come to those who wait, I guess...

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