Saturday, 2 June 2012

Juneathon update #01

I am joining in with the Juneathon to help me keep track of my activity while I recover from medical surgery. I am not allowed to run for 8 - 10 weeks, and I really don't want my fitness to decline massively while I wait to be able to. Heavy lifting is also banned. I've decided to listen most to my body, and go from  there. Total inactivity is an absolute NON-option.

Yesterday I did 5 sets of 'step aerobics' on the Wii Fit spread out through the day, I used the warm up from Kirsty Gallacher's body sculpt DVD and completed 4 sets of 5 laps gently walking around my back garden and 3 sets of 20 minutes punching the air. I realize this sounds like hardly anything, but my operation was 6 days ago and pushing myself now won't achieve anything for my health in the long run.

I'm feeling a little more normal today so I've increased by sets of laps around to garden to sets of 10, though I'm still quite sore. I'm just going to keep on listening to my body and playing it by ear. As long as I'm not doing nothing, I'm doing something.

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