Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Running, running, running...

I'm plowing ahead with the couch to 5K. Running.

Running is hard. If I don't have the right attitude I can see myself feeling frustrated and defeated, so I'm trying hard to keep the positive mental attitude. The thing with running is, and I know this from experience, if you stick at it your fitness very quickly improves.

For the last 2 years I've lived a very sedentary lifestyle. I've also put a lot of weight on. I am really unfit right now. Today was my 3rd run in 5 days, using the NHS couch to 5K podcast. On my first run I managed three 60 second runs (just about) with two reps of 90 second walks between and I felt ILL afterwards. My vision was blurred, my head was pounding, I felt sick and dizzy and faint. And TOTALLY defeated.

Still I got out again the next day and managed 2 reps with a lot less effort in terms of cardio and lung-exhaustion. I felt like I could have gone on but unfortunately my legs hurt badly and I had to come home and stretch it out to prevent injury.

I went out again today, after a two day break, and managed 6 reps of runs and 5 walks between. I felt like I hit that perfect balance between pushing myself and sitting in my comfort zone. I wasn't totally exhausted.

I'm confident that either tomorrow or the next day i'll be able to complete the week 1 track. I'll count that as the start of week 1 and I'll move onto week 2 after 7 days of completing the first track. I know that it is key to work within my own limits but I want to push myself enough that I'm making progress and improving my fitness. So far I think I'm managing this well.

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