Friday, 3 February 2012


I feel a lil' slimmer again this week. Perhaps I'll take some more progress photos after the weekend. I'm going to work even harder at my weight loss for a couple of weeks, though as a good friend of mine has asked me to take my children swimming with her on 15th February. If I'm going to be seen in public, wearing anything less than a baggy jumper and trousers, I'll want to look as UNfat as possible! So I'll be cutting out fruit squash and tea and only drinking water, and when it's too cold to go running I'm going to have to work out inside instead to keep burning the calories!

It's quite nice having a near, mini-motivator, though rather than looking ahead at the full 51lbs that I have to lose! I think after I reach the 15th, I'll set fortnightly mini goals to keep me motivated...

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